Thursday, April 9

twenty five

It’s my 25th birthday today.
I’m trying not to think about it since yesterday, but seems this is one thing I cannot control. I was touched receiving a txt from gil just after the first wink of my eyes this morning, to quote:

“Zeby happy bday po..I love you so much! I wish u happiness in its true sense. Not of silver and gold, but of faith and love. Thru hardship and ease I will hold your hand and keep you by my side. Don’t forget to smile to others, it drives away bad mood and wrinkles. c”,) I will always be here for you….”

I just can’t help but cry. That’s one of the many things I love about him…the sincerity, the warmth in every word and the passion were there. I was just so blessed having him…my most precious gift ever!

You know what, I never really like celebrating birthday at all! I’m not accustomed of being greeted by everyone aware of the event. I’m not used to having the attention of everyone. It’s nice being remembered by people. But that’s far off my personality maybe.

Another thing is that, I’m not sure if I had made it! I have reached my 25th year on earth yet I have this feeling that I have not given my full potential yet career wise speaking thus I can’t feel the utmost benefits of it in return.

Whatever it is, I’m glad to be blessed with another year on earth. May the good Lord shower upon me good health, inner peace and happiness. May He continue to use me as instrument for the welfare of the people around me. And so, may God lead me to the career I’m longing of having, if this isn’t the right one yet.

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