Friday, April 26

MACAU- A Travelogue Part 2

I knew I have to finish this entry before I can proceed to the second leg of this trip. Ok, let's start..

We we're surprised to wake up the next day wearing the same pants and shirts we wore the first day.  The planned casino hopping for last night failed and besides, I don't sleep with pants! I'm a certified slumber addict (and can sleep the whole day non-stop!) and so a comfy cotton attire is a must, except for some so-tiring-I-forgot-the-whole-world situation like last night. *Yawn* 

First, we packed our things up. It's customary for us to prepare our things first so we could enjoy the remaining time in the hotel before check-out. After packing and doing the usual stuffs, we went down to the restaurant located at the 2nd floor for the buffet breakfast.

Gil and I fancy buffet breakfast. It's one of the hotel thingy that we're always looking forward to. Given that Sintra Hotel is a 3-star hotel, buffet servings are limited but quite reasonable. I've tried to make a porridge similar to that I've had in our Superstar Virgo cruise, but failed! Food was a soso... just glad to have made great black coffee! :)

We decided to spend the remaining hours before check-out by a quick visit to The Venetian. Luckily we took taxi going there than wasting the time figuring out how to commute. Pardon to our naivety but we don't know what to expect at The Venetian other than a grand and huge casino-hotel. We even don't know which way was the entrance and so we just followed the crowd. It was a long walk and we were swift away with awe as we explored The Venetian Macao.

And as we thought we already searched every corner of every floor of The Venetian, we were surprised to see 'Venice' and the famous Gondola of Venice, Italy. It was beautiful! The fact that we don't know this exist  on this part of The Venetian made us more surprised and excited! This is literally breathtaking! I wonder how the real Venice looks like. Hmmm..

As we enjoy strolling around The Venetian, we regret not to book this hotel. It's a complete grand luxury in one roof. Imagine waking up in their hotel and strolling around the building and sleeping again once you're tired and waking up again to yet another leisurely stroll. We won't mind spending our vacation like that! :)

Looking back at The Venetian while queuing up for taxi, we were already thinking of our next visit...and this time, we will not forget that we'll consider staying in The Venetian for a more relaxing stay! Awesome indeed! :)

Moving on, we arrived at Sintra Hotel in time for check-out. We just grabbed our bags and off we go to the lobby, the good thing about preparing everything first on the last day.

We still wanted to stroll and capture Macau's city center and the grand casinos around so we stayed for few more hours, right at the middle of the scorching heat of that noon time. We were nearing the bridge already when Gil found a nice spot for photo op, the same distance we took as we went back to the hotel scouting for an available taxi.

We thought we still can squeeze-in Fisherman's Wharf as our last destination for this Macau trip but to our surprise, the first two taxi drivers we met cannot speak English! I tried to show him the picture of the place and the English name but still no use. For a touristy country as Macau, it was disappointing to know that language barrier is still a problem till now.

Instead of the Fisherman's Wharf, we asked the next taxi driver to bring us to the port. From there, we will be cruising on a ferry for an hour going to our next destination-- Hong Kong.

2D1N in Macau is bitin. On the contrary, it was indeed a nice introduction of Macau- a rich Portuguese culture, the historical ruins and buildings and the Vegas of Asia in terms of big and luxurious casinos.

Thank you and we'll see you again soon, Macau.   

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