Monday, April 29

travel plans for 2013

It's very unusual  for me to blog about upcoming activity or travel since I tend to feel and savor the excitement first before I spill it out to public. I don't even post status on fb about our future plans, not unless we were so overwhelmed of the trip--like the first time we experienced (free) Superstar Virgo Cruise. This time, I wanted to remind myself that we have a lot of future expenses and that we must be very serious in cost-savings beginning today! Lol 

For my supposedly birthday celeb, we've booked 2D1N Nirwana Resort Hotel stay in Bintan, Indonesia with breakfast and 60-minute massage plus ferry and land transfer. All these for $318 ($129/pax+$60 surcharge). But since my work conflicts with the scheduled date, we decided to move it to June for our 2nd year wedding anniversary.

Right now, we're planning to extend our stay there for at least 3D2N so we could lounge and rest and enjoy for a little bit longer. 2D1N isn't relaxing enough to hear, right? A night extension with buffet breakfast would cost us a hefty $160 ($80/pax) but still a good deal compared to similar 4-star hotels in Singapore.

Comes August, we will be flying back to Philippines for a 4D3N Puerto Princesa trip with family. We've booked the airtickets already except for our Sg-Mla flight on Aug7. And yes, I haven't booked yet the hotel and tours for the trip. I guess I should be starting reading by now of the best (and affordable) accommodation in Puerto Prinsesa. It's gonna be nay, mama, papa and bebe's first ever flight so we must make sure that everything's perfect! :)

Too much of being ambitious, I'm still thinking of another trip by time for Christmas and New Year since we'll not be going home to Philippines by then. Knowing the fact that homesickness strikes the most during this season, we should be planning for something that will occupy our mind for the season. I'm actually planning of Indochina trip covering two-three countries the most. I'm thrilled and already excited for this.

Calling all the good vibes to favor on our side so we could push-through all our travel plans this year. This means praying and hoping that all our family members are safe and in good condition so we could have a guilt-free vacation Gil and I believe we so deserve.

Cheers to more travels for us all! :)

Update: Gil's now processing his visa to Taiwan for three weeks work assignment (2nd to last week of June), sponsored by his company. Of all places (Philippines and Taiwan are not in good terms these days due to some disputes) and of all available dates (hello?! It's our 2nd wedding anniversary!)  And yes, I guess our 3D2N Bintan Indonesia booking will be forfeited. Sigh! 


Anonymous said...

Sorry sweetheart... :(

phoebe said...

ayan Gil, lagot ka kay mishi,hihi :)) But be careful on you trip, though. Keep safe po~
Don't worry mishi,for sure may mas bongga pang parating kesa jan sa supposedly anniv trip niyo. Wait ka lang^^

I envy you two! It's one thing to be able to travel to places. Being able to do so with your better half is a whole new different story:)) I'm happy for you!!! (but I still envy you,haha!) I will always be an avid follower of your journey, as travelers and as hubby-and-wife^^
sakto lang din pala eto for a greeting. Happy wedding anniv to you both in advance :))


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