Friday, April 12

Nice read

I've been reading a lot of business travel stories of a Singaporean blogger lately and I cannot help but realize that I exactly wanted to do the same thing, work+travel+leisure, all at the same time. She's been assigned mostly in South East Asia particularly India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand etc including Manila, Philippines and her honest opinion about these places really transported me there, as if I was with her right at that very moment. I particularly loved her Manila and India entries! :)

I admire her the fact that she tackled about the usual scenes and happenings around the area, and not mostly about the grand and luxury of the trip. As mentioned, those were business trips and so vacation trips would somehow speak of another language. But given the chance, I won't mind mixing work with pleasure (and getting paid at that), lol. I was already setting my mind into it in the future! :) 

I was all smiles when I finished her Manila experience entry way back 2007. Check this out:

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Chyng said...

hi mishi! im going to india this november. mga 11 days lang. via bangkok daan ko. im with a female friend.


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