Monday, March 11

KL trip in a day

Our friend booked the last coach trip from Singapore- Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia. The trip started around 10pm and I was expecting we’ll just doze off the travel and will reach KL in time for sunrise. Failed! Gil and I were awakened by the driver’s noise shouting like speaker that we’re already in front of Berjaya Hotel, the last destination for this trip…at 2:38 in the morning!

With Singapore Dollars on hand and nowhere to stay, we braved the dimly lit highway of Berjaya area looking for open Money Changer shop at this wee time.  But aside from ‘Teksi’ drivers chit-chatting awaiting passengers and few beggars feasting on garbages, all we got was a 7-11 store whose staff instructed us to try the nearby Berjaya Hotel. Luckily, we were able to exchange Malaysian Ringgit (at a very low rate) since it’s actually the hotel’s staff personal money. Not bad though.

We arrived at the Petrona's Twin Tower and started to queue up at around 4am (ticketing will start at 8am, how was that?!) We're actually the 5th in line for the first batch! *yay!

Right from Petronas Tower's Skybridge overlooking Kuala Lumpur proper, Malaysia

bird's eye view

Gil as the hired photographer, as always.

The tour up Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge took around 10-15mins only as they need to accommodate a lot of tourists in queue for the next batches. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we highly recommend this!

Gil at the F1 display at Suria KLCC Mall

As introduced by a group of Filipino tourists we met on this trip, we availed the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour of KL for a very cheap rate, considering they offer around 22 stops. You can hop-off on your preferred tourist spot, take your own sweet time, and hop on the next tour bus once you want to move to another spot. Brilliant! 

We hop off at China Town, in time for lunch, and tried Malaysia's authentic Chicken Rice at Nam Heong.

Our first encounter with authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice. I liked it but just a so so for Gil.

Moving forward, some of the tourist spots we visited during our hop-on hop-off experience:

Kuala Lumpur tower

National Palace (Jalan Duta)

KL's busy street

 Palace of Culture


last (and 1st) stop: couple pic at the Petronas Twin Tower

We missed most of the spots as we're so tired and groggy we just nap at the bus most of the time. Funny that we woke up , not twice or thrice, that we already missed some of our anticipated spots like the bird park and butterfly park. 

Gil wanted to see the twin towers glow in the night so we waited for few more hours at Suria KLCC mall. Little did we know that 7pm in KL is still as bright as 5pm in the Philippines, so we didn't have choice than to rush and availed a cab ride to airport for our 10pm flight back to Singapore. For your info, it will took you an hour cab ride from KL proper to airport, so take note of timing and consider traffic jam as well. Luckily, Tiger Airways is delayed by 1.5 hours during our flight. *Relieved!

KL trip in a day-- literal.

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