Sunday, May 23

Sam Gyupsal dinner at Min Sok

It was a lazy Friday afternoon just after office when I thought of inviting Gil out to a different dining experience, Korean setting this time. I learned of this place from our previous GM, Murase San and wife Yoko (Japanese) who constantly tag us (Che, Joy and I- who he called his angels) in their dinner dates and been yearning to let Gil experience the same since then. The place is called Min Sok Restaurant, a known Korean restaurant within Korean town in Poblacion, Makati.

Min Sok is a house turned restaurant owned and operated by couple OG IN, HAM (I assumed though as written sa calling card). It doesn’t have the ‘homey’ vibe I’m looking for in every resto we visit but has that ‘mind your own business’ feel, as we never felt awkward mingling around mostly Korean customers. Both the owners and staffs were accommodating. At one point, we saw the Korean owner assisting the customers to slather lard unto the pre-hot grilling plate.

Sunday, May 16

Birthday Pig-Out

I’ve been meaning to blog on RIO’s birthday feast at North Park but couldn’t find time since the audit season started. Whoa!

It was the same Barrio Fiesta and Mom & Tina’s Bakery Café team (less Sir Jek who is in a loooong vacation, 6weeks perhaps!). Cherry suggested the place as usual and though it’s only a few walks away from office, ngayon lng nmin sya natry hehe!

Tuesday, May 4

Laiya Weekend Summer Escape

We won't have company outing (again) this year! Sigh. Good thing electrical group thought of organizing a weekend overnight escape to at least cool down the scorching summer heat. Initial plan of Puerto Galera failed, then Zambales and finally the plan ended up at Laiya Batangas. And since it's on a budget and is more favorable for Gil who doesn't like the idea of sea transfer, go na rin kami. Yey!
We were ten in group divided into two cars courtesy of Che and Zarah. Our group (Zarah, Dan, Mon, Gil and I) met up at the office in Makati while Che, RJ, Mark, Ipe and Aldrin stayed overnight at Che's place in Cavite. We're on our way by 7am and convoy comes Slex. Mejo nadelay lng ng mahuli kami along Pasong Tamo. Violation:One-way. Result: P500 breakfast treat for Manong enforcer.

 Laiya is everyone's first time thus it took us hours of travel. Had stopover at San Juan Market nga pala to buy foods as baon for our entire stay and to have lunch na rin. By around 2pm, we've reached Laiya and the fun started the moment we entered Sigayan Bay Resort.


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