Tuesday, February 8

Bon Appetit at Kinabuhayan Cafe

From a relaxing Lake Pandin cruise, we rode on a jeep bound to San Pablo city proper. Little did we know that then was the town’s fiesta so we were greeted by side by side traffics and flea markets on the streets. Few streets from the church are the jeeps bound to Candelaria Quezon, the trip that will pass by Tiaong Quezon. From Tiaong is another ride going to our destination, Dolores Quezon.

We failed to catch the last trip from Tiaong New Market to Dolores thus our last option of a special tric ride for P150 (plus P50 tip). Landmark of Kinabuhayan Café is Dolores Central School, few walks along Dejarme St and you’ll find the quaint café.

To be honest, we were not impressed with the place at first. On the center of the restaurant is a billiard table, on both corners are two tables (one of which I think is the only one being used—the one we actually used in our 2 days stay). Dry cat’s coating was hanging on the wall, candelabras with melted candles, pictures of an ermitanyo looking man on the old big mirror.

Then the same person appeared from the kitchen who welcomed us with his unbelievable perfect English accent. He was Jay Herrera--the person of character, the owner and the chef. Don’t get me wrong, I already saw him on some videos and blogs, but meeting him in person is something. But since we were too tired from commuting, we asked for our ‘room’ first for some rest. Good thing we never expected too much on this trip…and glad to be surprised all along…

sneak peak of our humble 'room' for the night


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