Sunday, November 29

TOSH Revisited

After having a great time watching Twilight Saga: New Moon, we ended up walking along the nearby Bonifacio High Street: first, to look for a Nike store where Gil could compare prices of the Lebron shoes he just bought from Japan; second, to stroll around and lastly, to look for a decent resto to dine out to.

We’re actually on second thought whether to try Italianni’s or experience again The Old Spaghetti House. We finally gave in and favor the latter due to the superb experience we’ve had way back February of last year where we’ve got to taste the most delicious Carbonara ever! So, we went back to Market Market where TOSH is located just beside Gerry’s Grill and Giligan’s.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were politely greeted by the staff and showed us the first available table with couch. The restaurant has the same old, rustic ambiance but the first ever TOSH we visited along Paseo de Roxas, Makati had a more rustic and homey ambiance the fact that it was housed in an old-stoned building. And because it was ‘love month’ then, each table has long stemmed roses and a bottle of red wine in the middle and was dimly lit, perfect for a romantic dinner indeed! Sadly, the store closed months ago. =(

I’m a big fan of white sauce pasta (while Gil prefers red sauce). Scanning the menu, I chanced upon this new Swiss Mushroom Chicken with Creamed Fettuccine. Gil on the other hand had American Baked Spareribs with Java Rice.

Gil’s ripe mango shake and my all-time favorite green mango shake were served first in a few minutes. Soon enough, the foods followed:

Gil's Ripe Mango Shake-P60/ My Green Mango Shake-P60

Swiss Mushroom Chicken with Creamed Fettuccine- P175.00
American Baked Spareribs with Java Rice-P185.00
The first thing I noticed with my meal is the generous amount of mushrooms on the chicken sauce. The chicken was tender and tasty and the sauce is creamy. The pasta on the other hand is typical bland-at-first-bite but simply has that TOSH thing that became tastier after each succeeding bites. You just can’t get enough! It was creamy and simply delicious! This pasta meal was loaded also with garlic bread that was heavenly soft and a side dish of crunchy lettuce with honey dressing. We were totally impressed and highly recommend this (Yep! The pasta meal could be shared!)

On the contrary, the American Baked Spareribs was a so- so. Yes, it was tender…but it was too tender that some portion would just melt in your mouth without you even trying to chew it. It tasted just fine (Gil has his own version of adobo similar to this taste). Java rice is java rice, and a side dish of tacos… which is simply tacos with bits of tomatoes, etc.

TIP: You won’t go wrong with their white sauce pasta. It ranks 1st so far to our palates’ list (we’ve tried their Spaghetti Bolognese before but we’re not that impressed). I’ll have their Alfredo next time! *Grin*

A sip of green mango shake after a hearty meal while relaxing on the couch beside Gil in this very homey place after such long five months…Sarapp!! ;-)

The Old Spaghetti House
RR6 G/F Market Market Mall
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(Prices are inclusive of vat & subject to 10% SC & local tax)

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