Thursday, October 4


Inasmuch as I wanted to update this online journal regularly, I just couldn't find the best word to start, not because I don’t have anything to discuss but because I don’t know where to start since a lot had happened since I’ve been in hiatus for some time now.

Just last Saturday, we moved out of Sembawang and transferred to a more convenient, nearer and cheaper room along Jurong West. It’s located three bus stops away from Boon Lay MRT which is two stations away from Joo Koon where Gil works and three stations away from mine. Luckily, my office arranged taxi service for me every morning, free! The taxi will be waiting for me at the car park, right behind the HDB’s elevator… no rush and definitely no reason to be late anymore. For Gil who previously needs to leave the house at 6:40 in the morning, is just starting the day that same time! Lol 

the efficient MRT system of Singapore

...and yes, we're located at the end most part of Singapore already! :)

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