Friday, October 25

Staycation: Thistle Hotel- Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru (Malaysia) has been the usual destination for working people in Singapore for a quick get-away either for pleasure or to take advantage of cheaper rates (since denomination used is Malaysian Ringgit) or just to experience new environment without spending too much time and money. Travelling to JB from Singapore is just around 20-30 minutes, including the time spent on Immigration checking.

For the past years, we have sampled few hotel accommodations at Johor Bahru. Its way cheaper compared to staying in hotels in Singapore (additional passport stamp as a bonus). 

I remember being too stressed out during that month having been exposed to new work and culture for two months while Gil was equally stressed out (or double as mine) that this weekend escape was just perfect to breath-in and out even for a while. It was Gil’s birthday month as well that somehow gave us the right to splurge, guilt-free. 

Thistle Hotel is the nicest hotel we've found on the net. Since it was non-peak season, we decided to just walk-in. Luckily, we were able to have the room only if we're willing to wait for few hours. We didn't bother though as the place is so nice (though not too big) and later wandered at the glass hall lobby while sipping our complimentary kiwi juice.

Not too long and we were given the room key and led to our room. It was a Deluxe Room with sea view with oh-ohh-so-comfy king-sized bed, en suite bathroom with tub and a spectacular view of the straits of Johor, thanks to the ceiling-to-floor glass wall! 

yes,this is quite a beeeeddd!

free silip, yay!


The view from the window was equally amazing..

During the night, we thought of trying the pool but they have pool curfew. We ended up roaming around and cam whoring (pardon with our skinny selves, those were still us anyway, only a little bit blown up nowadays. Lol)

the lobby at night
lounging at the pool area
my gorgeous Gil at the elevator area
the staircase leading to the night club with that picture performing

We visited the poolside restaurant and the night club for dinner but we ended up ordering room service for nothing’s more spectacular than having the dinner while enjoying the nice view right at the comfort of our room. 

pizza and risotto dinner. Not so special though, nothing beats Jay's Risotto al Fungi of Kinabuhayan Cafe. *wink*

And so our usual affair with buffet breakfast again the following morning (which was already included in our booking). Foods were amazingly nice; I tried to taste everything but failed. Lol

Another round of picture taking of the hotel and we’re in our room again for yet another round of (cheesy) couple pics. And here's where we got the profile pic. Yay! :)

It was a short and sweet weekend escape. I was actually thinking of going back again to this resort-hotel in the near future, thus the post. Yay! :)

Thistle Hotel- Johor Bahru
Jalan Sungai Chat, 80100 Johor Bahru Johor Bahru
Phone: +607 222 9234 /Fax: +607 222 0153 /


Anonymous said...

This blog help alot. Thanks Michelle! Me & my wife need a break in away from work.. We have a 18 month old baby boy, do they have some sort of playground?

Angela Brooks said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.


Helen of Troy said...

Hi Michelle! Can I borrow some of your photos for a homework? They're photos from your trip to Kamayan to Palaisdaan. I was hoping i could add proper credits :)


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