Thursday, October 14

Gil's National Day

Mish: (while holding the mini cake) My wish? Sana umuwi na zeby ko...
Gil: ako may birthday, bakit kaw nagwi-wish? :)

It's Gil's National Day today and as I thought we could all have the anticipated holiday today, I was awakened from a deep slumber. Kiddin!*

Bought the cake from the nearby convenience store and glad to find few bites left of Toblerone I just had this afternoon courtesy of CheChe. I sliced the toblerone chocos into bits and decorated the mini cake for some personal touch. While we're having this voicecall, I excused to pee and proceed lighting the mini candle, and as soon as the clock struck at 11pm (Japan's an hour ahead), I showed the cake and sang a warm Happy Birthday song. Glad to see him surprised and happy! :)

...sounds corny ne? Who cares?! I damn miss him!


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