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Pura Vida Villas: Tagaytay's Perfect home-away-from-home

The first time we went back to Philippines after more than six months in Singapore was a blast! I’ve tried to squeeze-in overnight out-of-town trip for both our families. And where else is the best spot nearest to Manila in terms of climate, foods and views? Definitely Tagaytay!

Gil and I had been to Tagaytay for several weekend escapades during our bf-gf stage. Gil’s family actually has their small ‘bahay-bakasyunan’ in Tagaytay, but we preferred sampling the bed-and-breakfasts around the area. This time, we wanted them to experience the comfort of Tagaytay accommodation and to sample some of the best places and delicacies of Tagaytay.

Tita Ninang Lally in front of Pura Vida- Villa Mar

 Want to take a dip?

The veranda outside the sala overlooking Taal Volcano

The dining area with complete 'kubyertos'

View right from the doorstep

I spent few nights searching for the best accommodation for twelve persons, but hotels usually are on a per room basis. Actually I wanted something like a house-for-rent with a view and a swimming pool where we could do cooking, laundry, swimming and be with our homey us, as if we're really are at home lang

Luckily, our friends recommended Pura Vida Villas and Resort. It was everything I was looking for—a private well-maintained 3-storey house with three bedrooms with aircon on the second floor and a nice attic that can accommodate a family of six in the third floor, of which my family chose to stay for the night. 

Our room- the masters' bedroom overlooking Taal Volcano with one queen size bed and ensuite bathroom with bath tub

 Gil's siblings She and Glen's room with two single bed with veranda overlooking the pool

Nay, tay and Mimi's room with two single beds. Same as She and Glen's room, only the cable TV here is working. Hihi! :-)

We were not impressed at-all the first time we saw Pura Vida. It was not in the main road and going in was a hassle. Another downside is that they have no platforms for wheelchairs. Too bad we tried to enter the entrance facing Taal Volcano only to realize that the stairs are more stiff! We should have used the lobby entrance instead for Tatay. Good thing we have our 'macho' guys who carried Tay in his wheelchair all the way up.

Papa and JV lounging on the oh-so-comfy sofa beds

The comfy attic that can accommodate a family! There are two single beds with two pull-out beds and two comfy sofa beds. I like this attic so much that I was dreaming of having this kind of attic in my own house someday! :-)

By the way, there are a total of four bathrooms: one in the first floor near the kitchen, one in the masters' bedroom which comes with bathtub, one outside the two rooms in the second floor and a separate toilet and bath in the attic. All came with hot and cold showers, towels and toiletries.

Pura Vida provides guests with complete kitchen utensils, all cooking amenities including rice cooker, microwave oven and refrigerator. If you want to have some barbecue, grilling area is located in the pool area, just before the main lobby. It also provides washing machine in case you would want to do laundry during your stay (detergent powder not included though). 

For our dinner, we feasted on barbecued liempo, bangus, tilapia and sweet corn which we bought from Manila (of course we brought a cooler). Papa and my sister Bing did the grilling. Super yum! :) 

Breakfast was my special request of Chicken Arroz Caldo, a perfect menu for a cool Tagaytay morning. We just add some boiled and fried eggs, hotdogs for the kids and the re-heated grilled foods left during the dinner plus hot coffees and we just had one of the best Tagaytay breakfast with our families! :-)  

Bing and Mama's Chicken Arroz Caldo is one of the best! :-) 

While preparing for breakfast, Bebe- my nephew and Mimi- Gil's niece insisted on swimming in the pool, again!  They already enjoyed swimming actually on the first day, together with Bing, Sarah and to our surprise, Nay, who jumped out from nowhere while the kids were enjoying the water! Amazing 'Nay who braved the cold Tagaytay her dress! We laughed the moment she realized her wallet with money on it was still in her pocket, wet as well! Lol! :-)

Pics taken on Day1, right after we checked-in

Swimming time on Day 2- bathtub version

I'm happy to see them happy, my Mama and Papa

Check-out time is 12nn but luckily, Pura Vida allowed us to stay until past 1pm. We've had family pics taken  at the veranda overlooking Taal volcano and more pics taken at the pool area. Kudos to our super reliable tripod! :-)

Needless to say, we really enjoy our stay at Pura Vida Villas and Resort. We're glad to have found this home-away-from home Tagaytay hideaway! The kids actually claimed that's our  new house and they don't want to go back again to Manila. Lol!

Bebe in his super relax mode at the couch overlooking the pool. Need I say more? :-)


GIL said...

i miss them...

Anonymous said...

is the pool heated?

Carenne Manalo said...

Hi how much per unit? I need two bedroom for 48hrs.

Carenne Manalo said...

Is there have a jacuzzy?

mishi said...

@anonymous, the pool is not heated. You have to deal w/ Tagaytay's weather and t's okay.

@hi Carenne,no jacuzzi. Pls check their website. thanks! :)

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