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3D2N Superstar Virgo Cruise

It has been a year but it still thrill me reminiscing the luxury of our 3D2N free Superstar Virgo cruise experience, one of the perks being Mrs Querubin as I was able to tag along in celebration of Gil company’s 10th year anniversary. Aside from the dinners onboard and 2-hour company group games on day 2, everything was free-and-easy, indeed a treat for honeymooning couple like us! 

Superstar Virgo is one of the luxury cruise ships of Star Cruises located in Singapore (others are Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Pisces from different parts of South-East Asia). This grand, five star 13-deck liner can accommodate a total of 1,870 passengers, 935 cabins and housed around 25 outlets of food and beverage, shopping and entertainment. 

the Parthenon pool at night
very nice vintage phone for public use. yes, may linya sya! :)
 Day 1: the lobby at 1:00 am
at the Bellini- Champagne bar with live Filipino performers 
Day 1: just woke up for a hearty supper at the Mediterranean terrace 
at the Taverna- poolside theme snack bar at Deck 13 overlooking the Parthenon pool 
Gil at the Sun Deck- the observation deck and sun-bathing area
hallway pic- just in front of our private cabin 

We boarded the cruise ship from Harbourfront Centre around 4pm and passed the Immigration Checkpoint. Gil's colleagues were already waiting for us since I still need to report to office that morning and that we haven't finished packing our things yet. True enough, it's when you're too excited that you ended up clueless of everything, including the timing. Lol

Few more minutes and we're already allowed to board the cruise ship. Inhale...exhale...nervous and excited, it is! Yay!

Star Cruises postcards as souvenir--for a fee! :)

The best thing about this free cruise is that couple will have their own cabin for the entire trip. Yes, you heard it right! Privacy at your own sweet time while sailing overseas with your partner. I personally claimed this as an advance gift since we celebrated our 1st year anniversary few days after the cruise. Sweet right? :)

Our (movable) single beds

the sofa bed at the left, CR at the back, dresser, TV and complimentary drinks

We had the Oceanview Stateroom with window. It actually can accommodate four pax as it has two single beds, 1 single bed mounted at the wall and a sofa bed. Gil's single colleagues occupied the same type of room as ours, with four persons each room. Each room looks like a hotel room complete with dresser, tv and an ensuite bathroom with complete toiletries.

DAY 1:

Free-and-Easy. We've met Gil's colleagues during the boarding time and we're off to our own sweet time. Upon checking-in to our room, we rested for a while and had dinner at the Mediterranean  Buffet where Gil's company was supposed to have their meet-and-greet activity. But since everybody's busy enjoying their free time, we didn't join the group anymore and just enjoy the dinner together. We were so full and sleepy after the feast-like dinner and so we went straight to the room and take a nap. We were awakened around 11:00 pm and since we're on a cruise and we cannot just spend our entire time sleeping, we dressed up and headed to Mediterranean Buffet again for the (buffet) supper. Lucky for us to have a nice seat at the Mediterranean terrace. We're already sailing that time and the wind blew just fine. We started exploring the cruise ship around 1:00 am, right after the supper.

Disclaimer: We wanted to play like 'Rose and Jack' in the movie Titanic and so we're looking for that part of the cruise ship where I can spread my arms and feel the air against us while being embraced from behind by my real Jack- my Gil! But yes, we failed. Lol

Inclusive of the cruise package at Superstar Virgo was the free-flowing buffet meals from breakfast-snacks-lunch-snacks-dinner-supper (yes, six buffet meals each day!) at three buffet restaurants named Mediterranean Buffet (International), The Pavilion (Chinese family style) and Bella Vista (Continental).

Buffet Restaurant #1: Mediterranean Buffet

We spent most of our meal time here since it offered more options and varieties. During day 1, a welcome barbeque party was set-up at the pool area as well a long table for sweets and desserts. You can opt to stay here while gazing at the pool or proceed inside the restaurant if you prefer aircondition and more foods. Of course we preferred the latter. Lol

Lunch for day 2 was at Mediterranean again since Gil was not satisfied with the servings at The Pavilion.

DAY 2:

Day 2 was a long day for us since a lot of activities were scheduled this day. We had an early breakfast at The Pavilion since we wanted to try all the three buffet restaurants. After the hearty breakfast (which I enjoyed the most), we proceed to The Celebrity Lounge located at the top-most deck of the ship for the company games. I was able to meet Gil's colleagues and bosses, and contrary to Gil, I find them nice. Hihi! I was surprised (and proud) to learn that the game masters were both Filipinos. Imagine being able to make a non-Filipino crowd lively by mere skills and talents! Thumbs up! :)

with Filipino game masters, Dawn and Chris 

Gil during the charade game: Thinking how to act 'Phantom of the Opera.' Luckily we got it! :)


Gil's company prepared a lot of games and surprisingly exciting prizes but we didn't steal anything. Lol! Still, it was nice to be part of the game specially the Scavenger Hunt where we need to search for items hidden within the 13-storey cruise ship. Imagine a crowd running and rushing and laughing all at the same time. It was fun! (I chose not to post the colleagues pics anymore since Gil was already resigned from that company).

We had a sumptuous lunch at the Mediterranean again after that while Superstar Virgo was already docked and ready for the Pulau Redang (Malaysia) island hopping. We just rested and changed clothes and proceed to The Lido for the island hopping briefing. (I'll make a separate post for  this beautiful island).

 sneak peek of the beautiful Pulau Redang

the ferry that transferred us from the cruise ship to Redang

It was a hot ferry transfer and Pulau Redang experience that all we wanted was a cold shower after that. After freshened up, we proceed to the Bella Vista restaurant for the company dinner scheduled at 7:00 pm. Bella Vista is the coziest restaurant among the three inclusive buffet restaurants so we were already anticipating for the breakfast the following morning.

We were informed that there will be a Magic Show at The Lido that night and so everybody was excited to see it. We took our time going there as we still stayed a bit at the Promenade for pictures.  It was a fine night and we were mesmerized by the solemnity of the sea and the horizon. The Magic show was not at all spectacular though.

 the hallway leading to The Lido

The Lido before the magical performance- Gil was asked by the magician to help him on some tricks, sayang bawal pictures.

Buffet Restaurant #2: The Pavilion

For a change, we opted for a Chinese breakfast at The Pavilion on day 2. I always love Congee specially during breakfast and what I had in this restaurant was one of the best I've tried, along with all the side dishes being served to us. The only downside was that, aside from the Congee, bread and toppings, the rest were served one time only. Nonetheless, The Pavilion breakfast was one of this cruise' notable experiences. The food was superb so as the atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Congee with century egg, toasted garlic and shredded chicken served buffet style

 enjoying my Chinese tea
not so satisfied Gil due to limited servings. Lol

Buffet Restaurant #3: Bella Vista 

As mentioned earlier, Bella Vista is the coziest restaurant among the three buffet restaurants.  Ambiance was so nice especially if you're lucky enough to be seated at the window side overlooking the ocean (And yes, we're amongst the lucky ones who were able to experience such luxury on day 3 during breakfast).

Continental foods during the company's dinner on day 2

I was surprised to taste beef nilaga! Then I remember, staff and crews of this cruise ship are mostly Filipinos. I shouldn't be surprised to have tasted Filipino menus in a five-star cruise ship as this! Filipinos are world class, no wonder! :)

Save the best for last. And so for our last day (day 3), we finally experienced Bella Vista ala breakfast date as we have the coziest seats ever! Who could resist coffee this comfy?

Gil's croissants
the Bella Vista breakfast menu
the bakery 

 I so love this place! I won't mind spending my every meal at this lovely spot

DAY 3:

The last day. We prepared for breakfast earlier so we could reserve the best seat at the Bella Vista restaurant. What a refreshing way to start the day having coffee overlooking the blue ocean. We've chosen International- Western over Chinese since we already tried Chinese breakfast on day 2. For the record, this for me was Gil and I's most romantic breakfast ever!

If you did watch Filipino movie 'All My Life,' this is the same spot Aga Muhlach and Kristine Hermosa had their breakfast on day 2. The movie's location is the same Superstar Virgo. I knew because I've watched the movie over and over again in preparation for this cruise. You bet, I was  really thrilled and excited over this once-in-a-lifetime experience! And yes, I've watched again the movie for the nth time after the cruise. Lol

We settled our clearance at the lobby and claimed our passport after the breakfast while Superstar Virgo started to maneuver at Harbourfront terminal back in Singapore. The cruise just ended but we still wanted to explore more so we scanned the cruise ship for the last time. We also visited the shops for souvenirs and claimed our Star Cruises self postcards. Then we realized we're on a group event and so we just took our bags at our cabin and joined Gil's colleagues. Lol

Life has a lot of twist and turns, but at times, it offer surprises we never imagined we could ever experience. Till our next cruise! :)

Star Cruises' Superstar Virgo 
photo credit here.


phoebe said...

Love this post Mishi!!! I feel like I'm part of this luxury experience. Iba talaga pag may kasamang kwento. Way better than just seeing your pictures on fb. The pictures are amazing of course! and you look very pretty,hihihi (Winner ang "six buffet meals each day" hahaha yun talaga ang natandaan ko! :)))

"Life has a lot of twist and turns, but at times, it offer surprises we never imagined we could ever experience."
-I totally agree <3 Looking forward to your future posts.^^

james abram said...

Thanks for sharing!

Sheena Aranas said...

hi, i just wanted to check if you have any idea on how much this would cost? i'd really appreciate any estimated figure. thank you :)


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