Monday, October 26

something fishy! ;-)

...take time to feed my fishes. they're so kulit you'll definitely like them! Cool! Enjoy! ;-)

Wednesday, October 14


My zeby’s turning thirty today- Yey!! If he’s around, I might surprise him again with a basket of fresh roses and cake, or anything he will truly feel delighted and yes, surprised! But the fact is, well…he’s NOT here! *Sniff*

I’m glad to have witnessed myself his last three birthdays (and I intend to celebrate it with him for the next years to come). He’s not actually the let’s-celebrate-and-have-a-party type of person for he might just stumble on his computer desk or play with his psp or laptop or indulge with daylong movies on dvd (truly a simple person by heart). Last 2007, I have with me a box of Black Forest from Red Ribbon (we’re just friends then) and was surprised to learn I was the only visitor he had. Last year was more meaningful for I’ve surprised him with a basket of fresh roses delivered to office courtesy of my friend Nitch who handed the basket all the way from Dangwa to Makati (hehe! Thanks kambal!) And an S’Mores cake from Red Ribbon. Truly, Gil is someone who’s not hard to please, a child-like person by heart who finds joy even in the simplest things in life.

Friday, October 9


Gil will be coming back end of next month! Pretty cool! (Sarap pakinggan!)

We already made travel plans and list of possible get-away in anticipation of his coming merely to have something to choose from in case schedules allow us to and yes, to ease up the longings of being apart. *Sigh!

TOP 10 on our list were as follow (not in chronological order though):

1) Visit Ilocos: Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud in particular and have the best of the North could offer (had my research and prepared itineraries and maps as well).
2) Experience Moon Garden Casitas in Tagaytay.
3) Celebrate anniv at Sonya’s Garden.
4) Tour at Corregidor.
5) Personal visit at Surigao in Mindanao (and wishful side-trips to CDO, Camiguin and Bukidnon).
6) Once a month beach resort weekend get-away (Laiya Resorts in particular).
7) Bohol- Cebu escapades.
8) Mall Tours (as in Mall hopping and restaurants hopping within the Metro).
9) Singapore (and everything on it).
10) Wedding (Oh well!)

Just musing out…and missing Gil so much! =(

Monday, October 5

Mama's Big Day in a Whim

Has gotten to Gumaca in a whim for Mama’s birthday celeb! Yey! Happy Birthday Mama!!

The laundry’s done and all and since we don’t have anything to do anymore (except to check on the news whether typhoon Pepeng will still hit Metro Manila as Ondoy did), we decided to pay visit to Mama in Quezon for her 46th birthday despite of the back-to-back typhoons and the still knee-length flood in our area. Together with my brother JV and sister Bing, we went off past 2pm Saturday afternoon and had the briefest Quezon visit ever!

We’ve bought Choco Cherry Torte cake and buttered Puto from Goldilocks upon reaching Guadalupe, rode on a bus going to Alabang and another bus going to Gumaca. The normal travel time is 5-6 hours thru public transport thus we’ve reached Gumaca around 9pm. Upon reaching Gumaca’s town proper, we dropped by Golden Star restaurant to order Pancit Chami to complete our simple advance party treat for mama.

Our residence is a tricycle away from bayan (town proper). Excited, we were even chanting Happy Birthday mama on our way home and glad they were still up (watching the usual teleseryes). Mama was truly surprised and teary-eyed seeing her siblings around especially when each of us hug and kiss her. Actually, this was my first time to celebrate her birthday since college for Oct 4 usually falls on Finals and month-end reports. Such a rare opportunity to celebrate and be thankful of!

Bebe was so kulit and likot! After Mama blew her cake, she lighted the candle up again for bebe to blow this time. Haha! He was pouting his lips to the fullest without the air coming out thus we burst out in laughters. Mama helped him nlang with the blowing. Lol!

As we’re eating, Gil called up, not to whisper mushy nothings this time but to greet mama…JUST mama. Lol! Anyhoo, I was talking (rather chatting) with him naman all the way to Gumaca thru this amazing UZZAP Smart had introduced. (Might make blog re UZZAP one of these days! Lol!) A super handy YM connections, emails and txts for FREE! San ka pa?!

We were watching a movie from Cinema One when everything went off unconsciously. I was supposed to sleep with bebe but woke up at dawn with Mama and JV (And with this bubblegum in my mouth, which I remember was chewing last night!) Haha! Buti hindi ko nalunok! Kakahiya! Lol!

JV still needs to report to work today at 6pm thus we went back to Manila before 10am. (Byahe na nmn!) Today really is Mama’s big day so she still has the whole day to spend with her friends and papa will be coming back daw this afternoon. Too bad we didn’t able to see him.

Had traveled 12hours for a genuine 12 hours of stay and celebration! Had a blast though!! =)

Saturday, October 3

Typhoon Ondoy: A Personal Encounter

It has been a week already when typhoon Ondoy (International name: Ketsana) hits Metro Manila Saturday, Sept.26, but the tragic effect could still be seen and felt up to these days.

The water level is still the same knee-length in front of our house and goes higher as we took our steps out of the place. And since we’re situated in the utmost corner of Dr. Reyes’ compound in Kalawaan, Pasig City, we have no other choice than to endure the long walk (or swim?) passing through Resettlement area (Gil’s house location) where a leg-deep level of stagnant flood water could be seen, making the place looked like an extension of the Pasig river itself. There was no electricity power in most of the areas, including Gil’s since the typhoon blew out.

It has been a week already of morning and night flood walk-through for us- She and I- to be able to come to office for work (Gil’s sister). She started out her new work in Makati on her birthday, Sept.29, two days after the disastrous typhoon surprised the nation (what a birthday bash!). We’re usually in shorts and slippers with our office slacks, blouses and shoes on a plastic bag so we may change clothes either in any fast-food chains in San Joaquin or Makati. It was such a horrible experience!

Still, we’re thankful my family and Gil’s were safe and sound. Though I’m still worried about my relatives in Vista Verde Executive Village in Cainta whom we never heard anything yet since the typhoon, as well as with those few relatives in Rosario and de Castro Pasig due to non-availability of electricity in the area. Hope everybody’s safe though.

As I was writing this, another super typhoon named Pepeng (International name: Parma) has already entered the country’s area of responsibility, said to be much stronger than typhoon Ondoy. By this very moment, the surrounding was cloudy-to-dim, as it is hard to see visibly the nearby buildings of Makati area.

This is not the right time to blame anyone for faults of not being the responsible citizen of this country. Surely it’s the people’s fault, who else? Too bad the babies and the innocent ones need to suffer. The most we could do is pray, pray until the flood subsides, pray that the authorities be blessed so they may serve the people as they were expected to, pray for more support from those lucky individuals and entities who were not affected, pray for those lives who suffer…and finally, give thanks for another life...another opportunity for us to change and repent…

Ate pheng’s right…
Prayers! Prayers! Prayers!

Thursday, October 1

Para sa mga Naghahangad ng Pwesto sa Mayo 2010

Napapanahon ang bagyong Ondoy para sa naghahangad maupo sa nalalapit na Mayo 2010 Eleksyon. Pagkakataon na nila ito para ipakitang may dalamhati sila para sa mga Pilipinong nasalanta, namatayan, walang tahanan at mga walang makain dulot ng bagyong Ondoy na gumulantang sa ating lahat.

Ano ba naman ang 1 hanggang 2 kilong bigas, ilang de lata, tinapay, kape o asukal na pwedeng ipamahagi sa bawat pamilya? Sa dami ng mga naghahangad sa pwesto, mula sa kagawad ng barangay hanggang sa minimithing pwesto sa Palasyo ng Malacanang, marami ring pamilya ang matutulungan, mapapakain, mabibigyan ng tahanan…at mabibigyan ng pag-asa.

Nakakagastos nga kayo ng milyon-milyong piso para sa advertisements o patalastas at pagpapaimprenta ng naglalakihang tarpaulin ng inyong mga pagmumukha, bakit naman hindi kayo makakapag-abot ng kahit anong tulong sa mga sinasabi nyong “mga minamahal na kababayan?” Para kahit papaano naman, maramdaman namin na may gobyerno at may mga opisyal pala tayo ng pamahalaan na tumutupad sa tungkuling magsilbi sa bayan.

Paramdam kayo! Para naman mabigyang saysay ang aming panahon sa pagboto kahit na madalas, manipulado na ang magiging resulta!

Paramdam kayo! Para naman kahit papano’y maramdaman namin ang aming mga karapatan, hindi lang palaging pabor sa inyong pribilehiyong maupo sa pwesto. Tutal, ano ba naman ang 1 hanggang 2 kilong bigas, ilang de lata, tinapay, kape o asukal sa bawat pamilya eh alam na alam naman nating mansion at iba’t ibang ari-arian sa ibat’ibang panig ng mundo ang magiging kapalit nito.

Paramdam kayo! Para naman kahit sa pamamagitan lang ng 1 hanggang 2 kilong bigas, ilang de lata, tinapay, kape o asukal ay makatikim kami ng katas ng aming pinagpaguran, habang kayo ay nagpapasasa sa isang gabing milyong pisong halaga ng hapunan.

Paramdam kayo! Kailangan kayo ng bayan…KAILANGAN NAMIN KAYO! L


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